About Our Organization

We're a non-profit group of volunteers making no-sew fleece blankets for foster children in Delaware and surrounding counties in PA, MD and NJ.

Fleece for Keeps seeks to provide a sense of warmth and stability to children in the foster care system in Delaware through the distribution of handmade fleece blankets. Many of these children have nothing that feels permanent to them. A warm handmade blanket that they can choose from the supply, could provide a feeling of something that is theirs to keep, no matter where they go.

How We Started

While mentoring a kindergarten boy at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, Sue Day, our founder and director, became aware of his plight as a child in the foster care system.  He had already been in several different foster homes.  The thought of a six-year-old child having to move about from home to home, through no fault of his own, weighed heavy on her heart.  Learning that on any given day in Delaware alone, there are between 800-1000 children, ranging in age from newborns to 18 years of age, startled her even more.  At Christmas, she made this one little boy a tied fleece blanket.  He was so thrilled to have a blanket of his very own, that would go with him everywhere, she knew that something special had just happened.  An idea formed to provide that same sense of warmth and love to every foster child in Delaware.  Fleece for Keeps was created.

Since May of 2011, this one small idea, coupled with the generosity of many donors, has given that sense of warmth to over 1600 foster children in Delaware. Unfortunately, there are many children that still don't have blankets. New children enter the foster care system every day.  Fleece for Keeps wants to provide a blankets for each one of them.

In December 2013 we expanded our distribution footprint to Cecil County, Md. by delivering 125 blankets to their holiday party.  We are currently working to connect with both Delaware County and Chester County, Pa. foster care offices to also distribute to children in their foster care.